Warehouse Expert

Warehouse Expert

Improve Your Warehouse Operations

Made4net’s Warehouse Management System optimizes inventory, as well as the resources and the required material handling equipment. WarehouseExpert™ is a robust real-time WMS that enables you to improve productivity, increase level of service, improve order fulfillment times and reduce overall operation costs.


WarehouseExpert™ WMS collects data on every single transaction and movement in the warehouse, and uses this information to provide real time visibility of your resources and equipment on a warehouse map, location of pallets and performance and utilization metrics.

Our WMS Software provides better control of warehouse resources. By utilizing equipment, storage space and warehouse associates who are driven by a robust task management engine, your organization will gain increased visibility, inventory accuracy and agility.

Additional WarehouseExpert Features

Inbound activities to include:

o     Appointment Scheduling
o    Receiving (ASN, Blind, Batch)
o    Yard Management
o    Quality Control
o    Putaway / Slotting
o    Cross Dock - Flow Through and Transshipments

Inventory Control:

o    LPN – License Plate Numbers
o    Replenishment - batch and real time/on demand
o    Cycle counting and inventory control
o    Value Added Services and Kitting
o    Status control

 Outbound activities to include:

o    Order Processing
o    Shipment and Wave processing
o    Cartonization, Packing, Staging
o    Loading and dock management
o    Shipping documentation

Task interleaving
RF/Wireless support of all warehouse activities
Voice driven activities
Dynamic/User defined Product Attributes (Lot, Expiration Date, Serial, Size/Color)

WarehouseExpert™ WMS samlar in data om varje enskild transaktion och händelse i varulagret och använder denna information för att skapa en överblick i realtid över dina varor, inklusive placering av lastpallar samt prestanda och nyttjandegrad.

Vårt WMS Software erbjuder bättre styrning av ditt lager. Genom att använda hjälpmedel, lagerutrymme och partners som är fokuserade på uppdragshantering, så kommer din verksamhet att bli effektivare och synligare.

Benefits for the SMB market:

  • Rapid implementation

  • Tier 1 functionality

  • Self-Exploratory

  • Compatible for warehouses with 1 user and up

  • Flexible user defined solution

WarehouseExpert for small and medium Business. The Perfect WMS Solution for any Budget

How can a small business remain competitive in the global marketplace? How can the expectations of customers and partners be met while controlling costs? The answer is to choose smart and affordable IT solutions that are easy to install and maintain, but also give you the power, security, and vast functionality of enterprise systems, at a fraction of the cost.



Our WMS for SMB allows greater control and gain of valuable insight of your business by optimizing logistic resources. Our Warehouse Management System for SMB has been designed to fit limiting budgets of small and medium businesses and their need for lower overall cost and faster time-to-value, by using innovative technology that provides rule based configuration tools.

With WarehouseExpert for small & medium businesses, you can:

  • Start small and add components when you need them

  • Streamline operations and gain operational business intelligence

  • Sharpen competitiveness with industry-specific functionality

  • Reduce costs and increase profitability