What is not measured it is not done

SOLO Dashboard

Our new Dashboard is a cruel solution to show all key key ratios and underlying data. Here you can see everything you want to divide into product groups, suppliers, buyers, steering groups, etc.


Just click on the hierarchies to find reasons that the key figures are not always according to the target image. And of course, free of charge for our customers.

Get a better overview of your stock and your purchases. With extensive drilldown options in the new SOLO Dashboard add-on tool, you get full control of your BI related to inventory management. The tool allows tailor made reports with your favorite metrics, as well as filters and drill-down options from Warehouse, Provider, Product Group, and down to the item level.

What you do not measure is hard to improve. Begin to follow your business development in a more efficient way and see the results of your efforts.

Filter, sort and group in warehouse, supplier, buyer, product, product group, etc. Create custom reports according to your own needs. If you want to add basic data for your own analyzes, such as sales on different devices, or coverage support analyzes on your customer base, you're welcome.

We will assist you with training as desired.

Highlights of the new SOLO Dashboard

  • Drill Down

  • Over Stock Analysis

  • Under Stock Analysis

  • Service level

  • Nul inventory

  • Inventory obsolescence

  • Turnover rate & Landing time

  • Capital tied

  • Shortage costs