Inventory and Purchasing Optimization

Personlig Hygien


"Det är avgörande för oss att ha produkterna på lager när våra återförsäljare vill ha dem, annars kan konsumenterna välja en annan produkt"

Service level and ability to deliver

Problem att lösa

Rapidly growing Gunry in Kungsbacka supplies tops, soaps and cotton to the grocery store and some of the major cosmetics chains. Gunry has a turnover of approximately SEK 180 million per year. Their stocks and purchases are handled by SOLO from PromoSoft.

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Facts in Brief:
  • Wholesaler in beauty, hygiene and households

  • Market leader in cotton products in the Nordic region

  • Turnover SEK 180m

  • The risk of out-of-stock has decreased

  • Purchases take less time

  • Family company in the 3rd generation

  • Gunry about SOLO: "The deal has improved"

The right quantity of the right product delivered on the right day.

"It's very crucial for us to have the products at home when customers want them. If they are not on the shelf, consumers can choose another product," says Maria Bergvall, a buyer at Gunry.

Previously, Gunry's purchases and stocks were handled in a proprietary Excel sheet. Now, SOLO from PromoSoft is fully integrated with Gunry's Winbas business system.


"SOLO helps me keep track of sales and what we have in stock not to sell out.

Purchasing and inventory management now requires less working hours and the risk of out-of-stock has decreased."

"Our business has improved because our sellers feel more confident that we have the products at home and that they can keep their promises to customers," says Maria Bergvall.

Värde som SOLO tillför

Inköps- och lagerhanteringen kräver numera mindre arbetstid och risken för out-of-stock har minskat.

– Våra affärer har blivit bättre genom att våra säljare känner sig mer trygga med att vi har produkterna hemma och att de kan hålla sina löften till kunderna, säger Maria Bergvall.