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Experts in Purchasing & Inventory Control

About PromoSoft

Developing Purchase Process and Inventory Control

We are a consulting company in the areas of inventory and warehouse management, purchase and central replenishment of chain stores.


We have our own software development function, which develops add-on systems for our customers’ existing business systems together with Professor Sven Axsäter of Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH. 

Our customers are wholesalers, distribution centers, chain stores or finished products storage for manufacturing companies. We have our main office in Gothenburg with local offices in Oslo and Stockholm.


Our mission is to enable our customers to meet the demands of their customers, to work more simply and efficiently, as well as to make better purchasing decisions. We want to see our customers improve their profitability through gradually optimizing inventory and stores along the lines of having the right goods in the right place, at the right time. That will increase delivery ability, reduce tied-up capital, and lowers the cost of purchasing or store replenishment as well as improve productivity and increase inventory accuracy. 


  • A consulting company specializing in inventory control and process of purchase​

  • Main office in Gothenburg and representant in Stockholm

  • Developing expert tools for Inventory Control.

PromoSoft is owned by its management, board members and personnel. We base our success on solid expertise acquired with prominent partners.


We work exclusively with correct and verified methods of optimizing inventory and purchasing. All the algorithms in our inventory management methods are written by Professor Sven Axsäter of the Department of Industrial Management and Logistics, a part of the Faculty of Engineering of Lund University.


We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in software development.


We help our customers to increase their delivery ability, reduce tied-up capital and increase inventory accuracy while retaining continuity. Our methods lead to long-term and continuous improvement.


We take pleasure in welcoming you to PromoSoft.

Saves millions with scientific inventory management.