Inventory and Purchasing Optimization

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"Ambitionen var att öka lageromsättningshastigheten, optimera lagernivåer och öka servicegraden"

Service level and ability to deliver

Problem att lösa

Lundgren Sweden is one of the country's leading suppliers of flow technology and industrial rubber. With up to 40,000 items in the range, optimized stocks are business critical.

I can really recommend SOLO. It feels like we made the right decision when we chose PromoSoft, "says Mikael Johansson, project manager at Lundgren Sweden.

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Facts in Brief:
  • Leading supplier of flow coating and industrial rubber with 40,000 items in the assortment

  • Seven plants from Luleå in the north to Malmö in Söder 

  • "Having the right goods in stock is a challenge"

  • Integration between SOLO and Microsoft AX

  • The purchasers save time

The right quantity of the right product delivered on the right day.

With seven plants from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south, Lundgrens Sverige provides customers such as Ericsson, and Scania, individual craftsmen and plumbers with hoses, couplings, seals and hydraulics. 


In addition to the 20 000 item range of products, as many custom-built products are handled. Starting two years ago, SOLO from PromoSoft manages inventory levels, sales forecasts and replenishment for Lundgrens Sweden.

This is where SOLO by PromoSoft enters the picture.

"Having the right goods in stock is a challenge. Previously, stock management was handled with lists in the purchasing system, where orders were calculated based on inventory levels and sales history with lead times. Then it was easy to buy too much goods, "says Mikael Johansson, purchaser at Lundgrens Sweden's headquarters in Askim, and project manager for the implementation of SOLO.


The initiative to connect to SOLO to Lundgrens Sweden's business system Microsoft AX came from senior management.

"The ambition was to improve the turnover rate, optimize stock levels and increase our service to customers. Sooner or later, it is necessary to address these issues, says Mikael Johansson.


The integration between SOLO and Microsoft AX has been handled by PromoSoft and Lundgrens Sweden's IT provider. SOLO creates purchasing proposals between the plants, purchase orders to external suppliers and production orders for tailor made products.

"By providing SOLO with the right information, we have completely different possibilities to control our warehouses than before."


How does SOLO feel like it?

  • "I get the information I want and get a good overview of the entire flow - history, sales and suggestions. I feel confident and trust the system, "says Mikael Johansson.

  • When we feel that everything is properly set, we're considering adding more features, such as load carrier optimization, which ensures that containers are filled to an optimized level.

Has SOLO also given business results?

Purchasing Manager Kjell Johansson:


"SOLO clearly saves working time for purchasers, service levels for frequent items have improved, and our turnover rate is also increasing slowly but surely, which of course is very positive."

Värde som SOLO tillför

Jag får en bra överblick på hela flödet och kontroll över informationen - historik, försäljning och inköpsförslag. Jag känner mig trygg med inköpsvolymerna och litar på systemet, säger Mikael Johansson.

- Genom att förse SOLO med rätt information har vi helt andra möjligheter att styra våra lager än tidigare.

Inköpschef Kjell Johansson:

- SOLO sparar helt klart arbetstid för inköparna, servicegraden på frekventa artiklar har förbättrats och vår omsättningshastighet ökar också sakta men säkert, vilket är jättepositivt.