Our methods increase delivery ability, reduce tied-up capital, improve productivity and increase inventory accuracy.

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Our methods increase delivery ability, reduce tied-up capital, improve productivity and increase inventory accuracy.

PromoSoft has long, extensive experience of business processes of wholesalers, distribution centres and chain stores.


We understand inventory and warehouse management, automatic replenishment and allocation of goods, and we know how these processes should look if they are to achieve an efficient and profitable flow of goods

We offer professional inventory management developed together with customers and Professor Sven Axsäter of the Department of Industrial Management and Logistics, a part of the Faculty of Engineering of Lund University. Besides inventory management we offer a world class warehouse management process setting new standards for Small and Medium Business logistics operations together with the logistics IT provider company Made4Net from US.

No system or method is better than its users. That’s why we build up processes using best practice. An understanding of the connections between setting parameters and their impact on productivity, availability, service levels and tied-up capital are crucial factors for success. We supply that expertise.

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Inventory Control


Inventory management in combination with purchasing systems serves as a powerful tool for increasing delivery ability while reducing tied-up capital.

Three powerful arguments for working with inventory management:

  • Reaching the service level desired (service level management). It’s simply a question of mathematics. A higher level of service = fewer shortages of goods = increased sales.

  • Optimizing (decreasing) tied-up capital – because inventory levels are calculated rather than guessed at.

  • Savings of time and money in acquiring and replenishing goods because automation dramatically reduces the amount of routine work.


Chain Store Replenishment

Our methods increase delivery ability and reduce tied-up capital.

In chain stores, it is important to give sales personnel the opportunity to sell. All logistical and critical functions should be administered and supported by a central administration to promote efficiency. This requires a combination of methods for proper stock replenishment and allocation of goods, accessories and spare parts.


PromoSoft offers business consulting PPP




PromoSoft offers business consulting
(PPP – People – Process – Product)

PromoSoft offers business consulting (PPP – People – Process – Product) with a focus on flow of goods for the wholesale and retail industry. We can make a major contribution to the process of change in commercial companies, and thereby help to achieve commercial goals much sooner.


We are able to act as advisors and provide support to logistics and purchasing managers, and can provide better documentation for prioritization in a company. Analyses and benchmarking are often crucial to gaining an understanding of which path should be chosen, as well in creating good documentation for this prioritization.

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We are specialists in developing customer-driven flows of goods, and using modern and scientifically based methods to achieve business success.

Our process mapping seeks to identify unprofitable deficiencies in existing commercial and retail core processes. We then restructure and re-implement these processes to support efficient flows of goods, reduction of logistics costs, optimized inventories, correct stock assortments, increased inventory accuracy and availability, improved customer service and a better and more flexible operation.

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Key foundations of our offer include our highly-competent employees, our scientific methods of inventory control, world class Warehouse Management and an effective project model that assures the quality of the introduction of new methods and modes of operation.