Integration with ERP


Integration with ERP

Our software systems work with all ERP on the market. For Jeeves and NAV we have pre-made packets ready to be installed.

All our expert systems are installed as add-ons to the customer's existing business system. We have made complete connections to and from the most common systems on the market such as Jeeves, NAV, AX, Pyramid, Garp, Multicase, Winbas, etc.

For inventory control, all that is required is that the customer's business system can create files sent to an FTP server. From there, the files are imported to our systems. For WMS, we also use web services to connect the systems. File transfers use XML files or common text files.

All registry maintenance is taken care of in business systems, which means that there will be no double registry maintenance. Of course, there are some parameters in our solutions that must be maintained in that system, but it will never be duplicate.

Regular information that is often imported from the ERP system to SOLO Inventory Control is sales history, products, suppliers, balances, deliveries, customer information, campaign information, exchange rates and delivery messages. In addition to these, there are other information that can be used as needed.


For Jeeves and NAV, there are ready-made connections that can be installed quickly and easily at a fixed price.