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Our Story

PromoSoft offers business consulting (PPP – People –Process – Product) with a focus on material planning and flow of goods for the wholesale and retail industry. We can make a major contribution to the process of change in commercial companies, and help to achieve commercial goals much sooner.

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Our Vision

We understand warehouse management, inventory management, replenishment and allocation of goods, and we know how these processes should look if they are to achieve an efficient and profitable flow of goods getting the right goods in right place at the right time.

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Key foundations of our offer include our highly competent employees, our scientific methods of inventory control, our real-time system aimed to cut warehousing operational costs and improve customer service and an effective project model that assures the quality of the introduction of new methods and modes of operation.

How it works


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Do you have problems with delivery ability?

Excessive tied-up capital in inventory management?

Your sales may be fine, but your greatest problems relate to delivery. You maintain extensive stock, but still experience shortages of certain important items, especially best sellers, seasonal goods and campaign products. Meanwhile, your slow-movers crowd your warehouse space.


Your service level needs improvement. It takes a long time to order goods, and you do not really know what goods you should buy, and in what quantities. In fact, the quantities you purchase are “guesstimates” rather than optimized quantities.


Save time and raise service level and be more accurate in warehouse

Save time and raise service level and be more accurate in warehouse

The replenishment of chain shop inventory or distribution centre takes a great deal of time, and personnel often complain about not getting the right goods in the right quantities and sizes, as well as about getting deliveries too early or too late.

The execution of warehouse need to step up with improved productivity and increased inventory accuracy and availability.
Are you familiar with this situation?

We have solutions to deal with inventory management and warehouse management. Our methods of forecasting, optimizing inventory levels, and implementing purchases and replenishment of distribution centres and shops enable distribution companies to realize huge savings. The ROI period is often about three months.

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Peter Olsson , Vice VD, Tura

"The right quantity of the right product delivered on the right day."

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